Chelsea Bird

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Chelsea Bird

Chelsea came all the way from Rhode Island to be across the aisle from me at the ACC show in St. Paul. It was really handy, because  people made a bee-line for her booth, where she explained to them what enameling was and how it worked. Then, by the time they ambled my way, they were already educated. Sweet!

chelsea bird enamel and silver necklaces1 300x225 Chelsea Bird

Chelsea has a BFA in both Metals and Textiles from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth.

chelsea bird enamel leaf brooch Chelsea BirdShe has a modernist style with a youthful vibe. Of course you can see that just by looking at her work.

chelsea bird flame enamel earrings e1336003217550 Chelsea Bird
But what you can’t tell by looking at her work is that she has an almost freakish sense of direction. She actually navigated me around my own former stomping grounds when we went out for dinner after the show, and she’d never been to St. Paul before. She’s also generous and kind, helping me pack up even though she was as tired as I was, and has a real knack for cramming stuff into small spaces.

chelsea bird chroma enamel necklaces 300x225 Chelsea Bird