The Fourth Day of Fishery

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The Fourth Day of Fishery
clown anemone fish e1367201663873 The Fourth Day of Fishery

orange clown anemone fish with pink sea anemones, acrylic painting on paper

Day Four of the paint-a-portrait-of-a-fish challenge (limited palette) was the final day I painted a subject from Fred’s aquarium supply catalog. This little guy is a clown anemone fish. He was an interesting subject because, unlike the fish that came before him, he wasn’t scaly. Funny how much one relies on the presence of scales to say “fish.” Just judging by the photo (which was small and not exactly fabulous, but it’s what I had) this fish had skin something more like an eel. Or a shark. Along those lines.mixing samples for clown fish 225x296 The Fourth Day of Fishery

This fish is also smaller than the others, so it was the first full-body portrait I did. It’s also the first fish painted on a background. Since these guys like to wiggle among sea anemones, I gave him some to wiggle among.

The palette is restricted to the warm side of the color wheel. Because I don’t take good notes, I don’t remember which red I settled on — the napthol light, I believe. I went with the Indian yellow, the yellow oxide being earthier than I wanted. One red, one yellow, one orange that I probably should have tried to do without, plus titanium white and mars black.