The Day of Fives

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The Day of Fives
clown triggerfish 225x290 The Day of Fives

purple clown trigger fish acrylic painting on paper

Today marks the fifth day that Fred, the dogs, and I have been essentially stranded here on top of our hill, thanks to the big snow storm of the first of May. Truthfully, we could snowblow ourselves out of here if we really wanted to, but we didn’t have anywhere urgent to go, and it was actually kind of nice just hanging out, playing Journey, and watching the birds at the feeder.

Today is also the day I introduce fish number five of the Daily Fish exercise. The limited palette I chose, in this case, was not driven by anything related to the color wheel or any color theory I’m aware of, it was driven by the desire to play with new paint colors, namely the violet iron oxide and green gold, the latter of which I did not end up using until I realized this fish, because of all the white, needed a colored background. The green gold by itself didn’t work, hence the addition of cobalt turquoise. Which means, basically, I spiraled out of control, despite my best intentions, and ended up with a five color palette plus white.

img014 225x241 The Day of Fives

clown trigger fish palette

This was another non-scaly-looking fish, which ended up looking cartoonish, which was not my intention, but there it is. And talk about a crappy test mixing page. Sheesh.