The final fish

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The final fish
red fish portrait 225x136 The final fish

limited palette fish painting in acrylic,  a primary palette in yellow, red and blue plus white

Not to say that this will be the last fish I will ever paint, just that this marks the end of the limited palette fish painting exercise. I didn’t plan for an end point or have anything specific in mind, I was just going to paint a fish a day until something interrupted me. That turned out to be Easter, and the fact that I had to paint a rabbit for Fred’s card. (I said

easter bunny 2013 e1367201541187 The final fish

a brown hare painted in acrylic for Fred’s Easter card

before that I don’t like brown, well this painting gave me lots of opportunities to explore my pain.)

All the other fish were on paper, this one on unstretched canvas over plywood. It’s a basic subtractive primary palette: Azo yellow medium, pyrrole red (I think), and phthalo blue plus white. I can’t find my test page. Man, I’ve got to get more organized.

spotty fish body 225x203 The final fish

spotty fish body

And here’s a close up of the fish’s bod. He’s like¬† a constellation of dots.