Jewelry Care

Maintaining the antique patina of your oxidized silver ~ without losing the highlights ~ is easy: simply polish the metal parts of the piece with either a polishing cloth (for shiny highlights) or a green 3M pot scrubber (for a matte finish). Clean the stones, if necessary, with a lint-free cloth.

Water won’t hurt your jewelry, in fact you can use a soft toothbrush, warm water, and a little bit of baking soda or mild dish soap to good effect, especially in all-metal pieces. But avoid submerging the jewelry in any kind of cleaning liquid such as ultrasonic or chemical cleaners. The natural stones may be damaged and the silver patina may be removed completely.

Many of the natural stones I use ~ turquoise, chrysocolla, malachite, serpentines, pretty much anything green or blue ~ are much softer than classic transparent gems like diamonds. They will scuff up and scratch if you knock them around. Tossing them into a jumbled jewelry box is probably not the best idea. If you must punch a wall, take off your ring first.

Silver is a highly reactive metal, that’s why it patinates in the first place. Keep it away from latex/rubber as well as strong chemicals, including hair spray and heavy perfume, to keep it from over-tarnishing. Plastic is fine, in fact sealing silver in a plastic bag will slow the natural oxidation process.

Enamel is glass, but I wouldn’t go spraying Windex on my enamel jewelry. A soft cloth should do the trick. A warm wet toothbrush if things get desperate. (And who doesn’t feel better cozying up to a warm wet toothbrush when things get desperate?)

There are a number of good resources for silver and jewelry care on the Web. Simply Google “cleaning silver jewelry” or whatever. You can read all day.

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